Proofing Solutions

Serendipity Software produce a range of cutting-edge RIP (Raster Image Processor) and contract proofing software, providing colour-managed digital printing and precision softproofing solutions for Prepress, Publication, Screen Print, Sign, Poster, Packaging, Design and Photographic industries.

Whether you're printing, proofing, or a mixture of both, there's a solution to suit any workflow.


Colour managed RIP for design professionals and photographers

Megarip is a high-speed raster image processor (RIP) designed for the digital photographic, exhibition, photo canvas, outdoor display and screen print industries.


Built around a cutting-edge colour management system, Megarip is packed with features and applications created for photographers, design professionals and anyone who needs consistent, high quality prints from desktop through to grand format printers.


Megarip is the total solution for turning files into prints, made to seamlessly fit into your workflow and fulfil all your output needs, big and small.





Precision contract proofing for RIP workflows

Blackmagic is a complete colour management system designed to produce precision, colour-matched proofs from a huge gamut of hi-res bitmap and postscript CTP RIPs, composite and separated postscript files.


Suited to even the most demanding print and press environments, Blackmagic is made to plug into and play alongside your existing workflow. Proofs are generated using the same post-RIP data used by the press, maintaining data integrity and colour accuracy.


In the press room or the studio, on your network or working remotely - Blackmagic instantly creates contract proofs from any RIP on any printer with no changes to your current workflow.



On-press softproofing system with touch control

Veripress is an on-press softproofing system representing the next generation in digital proofing. Built around an advanced colour management system with a touch screen interface, Veripress uses platesetter RIP data to produce verified, colour-matched proofs on screen at the touch of a button.


In an era where the productivity demands of high volume press environments means less time available for hardcopy proofs, softproofing is the logical solution.


Fast, cost efficient and easy to use, Veripress ensures proofs are ready on the press as soon as the plates arrive.




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