Proofing Solutions - Blackmagic


Blackmagic is a complete colour management system designed to produce precision, colour-matched proofs from a huge gamut of hi-res bitmap and postscript CTP rips, composite and separated postscript files.

Suited to even the most demanding print and press environments, Blackmagic is made to plug into and play alongside your existing workflow. Proofs are generated using the same post-RIP data used by the press, maintaining data integrity and colour accuracy.

colour boxes

Blackmagic supports a huge range of input filters (RIPs), output drivers (printers), instruments (spectrophotometers and densitometers), specialised monitors for calibration, rendering effects, signature formats, bookfilters, press agent drivers and more.

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Various rendering effects are available and can be applied to a job as it passes through the Jobticket.

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