Rendering Effects


Various rendering effects are available and can be applied to a job as it passes through the Pagesetup.

Click on any of the effects listed to see an example.




Places a border around the job.



Centres the job in the page area specified.



Draw a Rectangle around the job inset at the desired distance, line width and colour.



Mirror the job.



Places cropmarks around a job.


Edge Detect

Removes all content and just leaves the edges.



Specify the margins around a job.


Unsharp Mask

Applies an unsharp mask to the job. The unsharp mask affects the edges within an image and you can control this with the parameters available.


Fotoba Cut Marks

Print user-configurable cut marks around jobs for subsequent cutting/trimming by Fotoba Digital Print Cutter devices.


Registration Marks

Apply registration marks to each corner of your job.



Negates the job.


Convolution Matrix

Lets you design your own filter effect according to a predefined mathematical operation known as convolution.



Places the page number in the middle of the page as a watermark.



Places a watermark across a job. Select the watermark file, scale and opacity. You can also stretch the watermark if necessary.



Places job information on the job.


Signature Decorations

Place page lines and page numbers on your job.



Set a black threshold level above which black areas are removed from an image on rendering.