Proofing Solutions - Megarip


Megarip is a high speed raster image processor (RIP) designed for the digital photographic, exhibition, photo canvas, outdoor display and screen print industries.

Built around a cutting-edge colour management system, Megarip is packed with features and applications created for photographers, design professionals and anyone who needs consistent, high quality prints from desktop through to grand format printers.

colour boxes

Megarip has a series of integrated Modules used to manage jobs as they pass through the colour management system and to monitor Server and Client activity.

Megarip also includes a suite of customised Applications designed to provide the user with all of the tools required to set up and maintain a digital proofing workflow.

Megarip Applications
Megarip Modules

Megarip C5 Client

The C5 Client is a high-speed raster image processor (RIP) designed for the digital photographic, exhibition, short-run poster and billboard industries.

Limited only by the size of the paper, C5 makes printing effortless with its streamlined, user-friendly interface, built around the same colour management system used by Blackmagic and Veripress software solutions.

There's no need to create paper profiles or do ICC profiling, colour management comes pre-configured within a Media Pack. Just set up a printer and start submitting jobs. It's that easy!
C5 Client Interface

Colour Management

ICC v4.2 compliant.

Linearisation available to maintain a print linear state. Pre-configured paper profiles in Media Packs.


Display colour accurate previews at full output resolution before printing. Zoom in and out on a preview. View any applied rendering effects.

Unlimited Printers

Support for all major brands of large format CTP proofing printers.

Output to any supported model of your driver suite.

Simplified User Interface

Monitor, track and manage job progress. No fuss setup. Import a Media Pack, set up a printer and you're ready to start printing!


Manually position images for printing. Create templates for repeat use. Access tiling, canvas wraps and step & repeat features.


Designated areas for automatic image processing and output. Available for each configured printer and one asset queue. Simple drag & drop printing.

Grey Balancing & RGB Support

Balance the printers CMY or RGB grey output with the Lineariser application. Support for print modes with RGB enabled printers.

Effects & Nesting

Apply rendering effects including scaling, rotation, centering, negative and mirroring. Automatic and manual nesting is available to make the most of media.

Media Packs & Templates

Setup C5 with pre-configured Media Packs. All colour management & paper profiles are included. Create templates and custom layouts for repeat use.