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"If the file is the sheet music and the print is the symphony, then the Blackmagic RIP is the orchestra in which every musician is a virtuoso."


"An amazing print is an understatement."


Vincent Versace

September 2012



To RIP or not to RIP

What I have never understood is why serious photographers who spend a lot of effort and money obtaining the finest lenses, cameras, monitors and printers end up using the least sophisticated, indeed often downright horrible software to communicate with and drive their beautiful printers. I consider this is a false economy especially given the cost of ink and paper, let alone professional pride and acumen. Because I need the same confidence and quality in my print path as everywhere else in my workflow, I always print through a RIP.


But not all RIPs are created equal. Of the many RIPs I have worked with, most are focused on the pre-press market where 'constraining' the printer to emulate a printing press is the fundamental aim. While I need this function from my RIP, I also need it to do so much more.


Whether I'm creating fine art exhibition prints in my studio, or serving forty-five photographers at my annual Orpheus Island residential workshop, or proofing for prepress publications, Megarip serves all my printing needs and has never failed to exceed my expectations. I simply can't imagine printing without it.


I run Megarip as an RGB RIP with the separation controlled by the printer's screening for rich, smooth and effortless full gamut printing. I also run Megarip as an open and infinitely controllable CMYK RIP for fine art printing, research and experimentation, as well as an emulator of various offset printing standards for hard copy prepress proofing. I also make extensive use of its separation controls, ink limits and dot sizes in the production of near metameric neutral BW fine prints that not only mimic the grace and majestic output of the darkroom, but even exceed a silver gelatin print's luminosity and depth.


Megarip's exemplary and perfectly grey balanced RGB linearisation is unique and incredibly effective, both in terms of efficiency and accuracy, but also for the incredible quality of my resulting full gamut RGB printer profiles.


I really can't say enough about Megarip. When I need it, it prints with ease and simplicity, quickly and efficiently. Its open access architecture provides full control of the printer and print heads, as well as sequencing, layout, scheduling and reporting as required. I am always thrilled to be working with Megarip. It respects my creative needs as a professional artist, while bypassing the lack of control afforded by printer drivers and their inconsistent, corrupted and frustrating propriety print paths of recent years.


Megarip not only works reliably and seamlessly, it also works beautifully, effortlessly, and brilliantly.


These are just some of the reasons why I use Megarip on a daily basis for all of my printing needs.



Les Walkling

November 2011