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Serendipity Software has several forums which are available for reading.

Registration of a user account will enable you to participate in the discussions.

Once registered you will be able to post public forum messages, configure forum settings and edit your profile.



Forum Basics



Browsing the Forums


You do not need to register in order to browse the forums.

Simply select a forum to read it, or you can subscribe to the RSS Feed.

Clicking on any message will allow you to read it.





The Menu:


  • Forum List - Takes you to the list of available forums

  • New Topic - Start a new discussion (only when logged in)

  • Search - Searches the current forum and retrieves messages that match your search

  • Log In - Log in to your account. You need to do this in order to post messages and to access other features of the forum





Registering an Account


  • Enter a username for this account. You will be notified if the username is already in use by another user

  • Enter an email address associated to this account. Forum notifications will be sent to this address

  • Enter a password for this account. Repeat it in the field below to confirm

  • Click on the Submit button. You will receive an email at the address specified asking you to validate the account. Once validated, you will be able to join in on any discussions within the forums







Working with Messages


  • Reply To This Message - Reply to the currently viewed message

  • Quote This Message - Pastes the message into your reply. The original message is shown on the same page, however you may want to quote a portion of the original message to help target your reply

  • Follow This Thread - Click on this to receive email notifications when there is a new post in this thread

  • Report This Message - Use this to report this message to the moderator






Other Features


  • My Control Center - This is where you can view and edit your profile, message signature & privacy options; view and join groups; list threads you are following; change your forum settings and change your password

  • Private Messages - In addition to posting forum messages you can also send private messages to other registered users






Forum - Mailing List Synchronisation


The forums and mailing lists are now synchronised.


  • Messages posted to a mailing list also end up posted on the relevant forum

  • Messages posted to a forum also end up posted on the relevant mailing list





RSS News Feeds


You may have seen the xml icon on internet sites. What is it?


It points to an RSS feed. RSS or Real Simple Syndication is a way for sharing information, like news, on the internet.


To view the information in an RSS feed you need a news aggregator program. The aggregator will automatically check the feed periodically and alert you when new articles are available. No more hitting refresh to see new content on your favourite news sites!


Our forums now have RSS 2.0 feeds you can use with your news aggregator.