Epson 9890 RGB Workflow Linearization

Posted by imartindelcampo 
Epson 9890 RGB Workflow Linearization
September 07, 2016 01:42PM
We just upgrade to BlackMagic Serendipity Version 7.0 Build 31708. When I want to linearize I get an error message.

sever ,imaging time 00:00:00 for job Serendipity Linearisation Chart
CSallyDrv.cpp,CSallyDrv::StartDoc, Failed IntiJob() error =-10
printers.c, printerlnit,printer plugin failed to initialise
slavesupport.c, RenderQueueManager, Job Serendipity Linearisation chart failed to render.

Please advice
Re: Epson 9890 RGB Workflow Linearization
September 08, 2016 03:21AM
The "InitJob() -10" error normally occurs if the selected print mode is not supported by the Epson HTM driver you are using. Go to the media editor in Workbench and check the selected paper and resolution are correct.

If ithey are correct and you still get the error please provides us with an archive of your media configuration so we can investigate. You can email it to

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