Colorimetery for transparent media

Posted by mh0 
Colorimetery for transparent media
March 31, 2017 04:55PM
I'm interested in density and color calibrating a combination of transparent media and backlight, where the media will be printed on an Epson SureColor printer. I'm running Blackmagic in Linux. I noticed that the X-RITE i1 PRO 2 is listed as compatible with all platforms ( However, the manufacturer, X-Rite, doesn't supply a linux driver. It seems the i1 PRO 2 is supported by the Argyll cms open source project.

Before I spend $1200 on a piece of hardware, how is the i1 PRO 2 supported in linux? Is it supposed to use Argyll, or a built in Blackmagic driver or am I supposed to use the windows driver on a windows PC to save a CxF file?

Also, more generally, are there any recommendations for

* linux compatible devices to calibrate transparent media independent of a backlight (transparent)
* linux compatible devices to calibrate a combination of a backlight and transparent media (emissive)
* any currently sold device to do each of the above (not necessarily linux compatible)

Re: Colorimetery for transparent media
April 01, 2017 12:30AM

you are correct X-rite doesn't supply a Linux driver for the i1 PRO2. Nor does the Linux version of our software support the device. Apologies, the website information was incorrect, we have updated it.

While your Blackmagic server runs on Linux, if you have another Windows or Mac PC, you can download and use a standalone Serendipity Client to connect to it from another machine. The spectrophotometer driver support listed, to be specific, refers to the Client operating system. It's the Client that runs spectrophotometers, so If you're able to run a Client on Windows or Mac you will be able to use the i1 PRO2.

In regards to your measurement requirements and linux and Blackmagic compatibility, the Barbieri LFP RT fits the bill. The Barbieri site discusses the procedure for measuring backlit materials with the LFP in an article entitled "How to measure Glass / Plexiglas".

The LFP is an excellent instrument, but a considerable investment.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


Jason March
Serendipity Software
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