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Posted by imartindelcampo 
Email Notification
August 29, 2018 01:40PM

Is there a way to get an email when a proof is done?
Re: Email Notification
August 29, 2018 08:36PM

our software doesn't have that facility.

Secure mode in Blackmagic allows user login accounts to be sent emails notifying of job errors, media running short, server crashes, etc.

The notification you require could only be generated when the job in the Queuemanager was marked as Done. In most cases, this is not reflective of when the printing is finished. In the case of printers with integrated hard drives, the entire job is moved across to the printer (Done) in seconds, i.e. the email would be sent just as the job is starting.

Also worth noting is the number of 'Job Done' emails that would be generated by a normal busy workflow.

If you'd like discuss the issue further or put in a development request for a 'Job Done' notification, please send an email to


Jason March
Serendipity Software
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