Serendipity Megarip 7.0 Released

Serendipity Megarip 7.0 Released
March 14, 2016 09:16PM
As part of Serendipity Software's ongoing effort to update and improve our software, we are pleased to announce the release of the Serendipity Megarip version 7.0 Release patch.

Version 7.0 is a free service update for all v6.0.01 users. All version 6 customer dongles will continue to function as normal.

This update patch includes following enhancements and fixes:-

- Version 7 introduces new driverless USB dongles. Existing dongles will continue to function as normal.
- Improved Server startup times when a using v7 dongle.
- Improved multi-display support and detection on Linux platforms.
- Linux installations can now configure and use operating system wide ICC profiles using 'colord'.
- Linux platform ICC profiles now include a video card gamma LUT for improved colour fidelity.
- Improved random number generator for stochastic screening and CMS dither functions further reduces screening artefacts.
- Improved efficiency for periodic server tasks.
- Improved Server installation path discovery for both the C5 and Serendipity Clients.
- Debug tab added to Server Settings to add in product support queries if required.
- Removed Maximum Memory for PS RIP and Maximum Memory For Rotation options from Server Settings. The operating system now determines memory usage for these functions.
- Maximum Dark Ink settings added to Paper Profile Separation Control to limit the amount of dark ink used in an ink channel.
- TIFF Image output driver now includes additional EXIF data and photoshop resource tags.
- Improved handling of photoshop tags for TIFF file input.
- Job ID field added to the Slugline render effect.
- Asset Drop option added to [working] Paths in Server Settings, allowing the asset dropfolder location to be configured.
- Improved layout tick box items in Media Custom Settings.
- Added support for Teckwin TS 2513L printer.
- Added support for Epson SC-S40600/SC-S40610/SC-S40650/SC-S40670/SC-S40680 printers.
- Added support for Epson SC-S60600/SC-S60610/SC-S60650/SC-S60670/SC-S60680 printers.
- Added support for Epson SC-S80600/SC-S80610/SC-S80650/SC-S80670/SC-S80680 printers.
- Added support for Epson SC-P20000/SC-P10000 printers.
- Epson Precision Dot (HTM) drivers for new Surecolor models now communicate with the Server in 16-bit.

- Published Pagesetups not functioning because a Media was not assigned now reset and function correctly when a Media is assigned.
- Submitting a single page of a multi-page Asset job via Copy to Pagesetup in the Queuemanager now correctly submits the selected page, not the entire document.
- Fixed negative/inverted previews for RGB eps ICC Targets.
- Server now recognises no-bit dongles, displaying the dongle status on-screen. Server no longer launches for these dongles.
- Fixed a server crash that could occur if a job failed instantly.
- Fixed a deadlock that could occur when shutting down printer status monitoring threads.
- Fixed a periodic crash that would occur when shutting down the Windows version of the Server.
- Page numbers for Asset jobs are now extracted correctly.
- Removed 'hexachrome' prefix from Orange and Green ink channel names.
- When the Output Driver for a Media is changed, the default colourspace for the new driver is now correctly set.
- Fixed a 9 pixel drift in the X axis that would occur on Linux when saving/restoring window positions under Gnome.
- Fixed a Softproof application crash that would occur on Linux platforms when trying to open multiple tabs at once in a new Softproof window.
- Non-alpha Spot colour channels are now skipped for Gray, RGB and Lab photoshop files.
- Fixed a crash caused by adjusting Brightness manually in the Displays application on Mac OS X.
- Fixed a bug where CxF files that used tabs instead of spaces between spectral values would import all colours as black.
- Lineariser application was not honouring on-the-fly custom Jobticket settings when submitting standalone instrument charts for printing.

The Serendipity Megarip 7.0 software installer can be downloaded from []

Printer screening and HTM drivers can be downloaded using the Install Additional Software option in the Megarip Server > Help menu.

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