Serendipity Megarip 7.1.01 Released

Serendipity Megarip 7.1.01 Released
May 01, 2018 01:53AM
As part of Serendipity Software's ongoing effort to update and improve our software, we are pleased to announce the release of Serendipity Megarip version 7.1.01.

Version 7.1.01 is available as a stand alone installer or as a patch release for existing 7.1 users.

The version 7.1.01 release includes all version 7.1 patch updates along with further enhancements and bug fixes:


- Studio Assets can now be organised into Folders added via a contextual (right-click) menu in the Asset list. Folders are local to each Client, but can be backed up or loaded using Backup / Restore Client Preferences menu options.
- Studio Template handling has been improved. The Template panel has been removed from the Studio interface. Templates are now accessed via a chooser window that displays template previews prior to loading.
- A Revert Template button has been added to Studio. The button reverts the layout to that of the last loaded blank template.
- Studio Templates can now be saved in standard Workbench .sdb archives using the Archives application. Templates are now also saved as part of a Server Backup.
- A Mouse Position Hint option has been added to SoftProof Settings. When active, the cursor x/y position is displayed beside the cursor.
- Jobticket Centring has been improved.
- Default Client units for new installations are now automatically configured based on operating system region settings.
- Truespot Replace Colour Sets are now hidden from the Workbench to prevent accidental editing or deletion. Truespot sets are now viewed and deleted solely within the Truespot application.
- Software Updater interface now uses the current Client language settings.
- Improved Server Log refresh times.
- Added support for the Barbieri Spectro LFP qb spectrophotometer.
- Added support for the Barbieri SpectroPad spectrophotometer.
- Added driver support for the HP Designjet T920 / T1500 / T2500 series printers.
- Added driver support for the HP Designjet T930 / T1530 / T2530 series printers.
- Added driver support for the HP Latex 560 / 570 series printers.


- Job centring now works correctly with asymmetric printer hardware margins.
- Fixed a conditional memory leak in the SoftProof application.
- SoftProof Crop tool has now been disabled for Publications and Books.
- Studio assets are no longer incorrectly placed into marker frames grouped with regular frames.
- Displays application Calibration panel sliders, button and spinboxes were not updating correctly when switching between monitor settings.
- Calcheck label logo and tick/cross were being scaled incorrectly when printed from Windows using a high DPI primary display.

The Serendipity Megarip 7.1.01 software installer, can be downloaded from []

Printer screening and HTM drivers can be downloaded using the Install Additional Software option in the Blackmagic Server > Help menu.
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