Veripress 7.0.01 Released

Veripress 7.0.01 Released
November 28, 2016 10:16PM
As part of Serendipity Software's ongoing effort to update and improve our software, we are pleased to announce the release of the Veripress version 7.0.01.

Version 7.0.01 includes all version 7.0 patch updates along with further enhancements and bug fixes:

-The user interface within the Workbench application for the Media and Output datatype items has been updated to match the tabbed panel style as used for Jobticket. All options remain available, organised into relevant areas within each database item. Some functions are now presented differently for clarity.
- Sped up the processing of PDF files which perform a large number of ICCBased colourspace changes.
- Drop folder support added for jobs submitted within subdirectories. Directories are automatically deleted once all files in them have been processed.
- Onscreen lists containing large numbers of items now update significantly faster.
- Pagesetup Pools selected in the Submit window no longer assign a Jobticket by default.
- Qt framework updated to version 5.6.0.
- The EAE Soft Proof Interface press agent driver now supports section-based pagination.
- Spectro application is now able to load (Lab only) special colour data directly from individual jobs in the QueueManager for verification purposes.

- Fixed a bug where loading a job in SoftProof from Press Agent would open multiple SoftProof tabs if multiple versions of the same publication page were available.
- Fixed a bug where a replace colour set was not being recognised when a PDF was submitted to a Pagesetup with a set assigned.
- Fixed a bug where the Fail on RGB option in the Jobticket Postscript/PDF options was not functioning for PDF files with only RGB images.
- Fixed a bug where dongle rescue mode would activate if no dongles were plugged in and a Server was run. This was caused by a USB Card Reader device being plugged in at the time. Mac OS Issue only.
- Fixed a bug that occurred when using a version 7 pre-sale dongle. The displayed time left was always 0 days. This did not affect the functioning or expiry of the dongle.
- Fixed a bug where page 2 of a multi-page PDF file is stretched when using asymmetric resolution and rotation.
- Fixed a bug where version 7 pre-sale demo dongles would stop working with 6 days still remaining.
- Fixed a bug where the version 7 driverless dongle, pre-sale demo could not be updated when expired.
- Fixed a bug where the PDF printer driver would generate corrupted files once the output file exceeded 2GB in size.
- Fixed a bug where PDF files which contained a stream larger than 2GB would generate a blank page, ignoring all the contents of the stream.
- Fixed a bug when using multiple displays on Windows platforms - a SoftProof launched via the TouchConsole would switch to the wrong display when entering full screen mode.
- Fixed a bug that occurred when rendering a job to a media and output using different drivers. Jobs will now fail and print an error message.
- PDF transparency mask fixes.
- The Serendipity Client would crash on exit when running on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008R2.
- Arrow keys work again for moving up and down the Workbench items list.
- JPEG files which included Photoshop APP markers longer than 64KB are now handled correctly. The bug caused the image resolution to not be read correctly when processing the file.
- Fixed a bug where version 7 dongles could cause Server processing to halt under certain conditions.
- Fixed a Workbench crash that could occur when duplicating or creating many new items.
- Fixed a bug where selecting pages from a specific publication section would sometimes display the wrong page in SoftProof.
- Fixed a bug where the SoftProof section viewer and TouchConsole Show Pages panel did not display all available publication sections under certain conditions.
- Fixed a bug where the Serendipity Updater for the standalone Serendipity Client on Mac OS X would crash when run from the program icon.
- Fixed a bug with the version 7 driverless dongles where a pre-sale demo dongle would not update correctly when converting to a sale.

The Veripress 7.0.01 software installer, can be downloaded from []
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