Veripress 7.1 Released

Veripress 7.1 Released
September 23, 2017 03:02AM
As part of Serendipity Software's ongoing effort to update and improve our software, we are pleased to announce the release of the Veripress version 7.1.

Veripress 7.1 is a paid upgrade, a new dongle update code is required for the software to function.

- Linux installation support added for Fedora 25+ (32 and 64-bit) operating systems.
- Linux installation support added for Ubuntu 16.04.2+ (64-bit) operating systems.
- Linux installation support added for Debian 8+ (64-bit) operating systems.
- Linux installation has been simplified. Software versions are now installed using self-contained .rpm and .deb software installers.
- Linux desktop user experience has been improved, including all application windows appearing under the same icon in the window manager.
- All packages for Windows platforms are now digitally signed for an improved installation experience on Windows 8.1 or later.
- Improvements to processing, imaging, rendering and soft proof generation times.
- Server, Client and all Applications now have full support for high DPI (4K / UHD) monitors.
- SoftProof application will now display onscreen proofs in full high DPI (4K / UHD) resolution.
- Display DPI is now correctly calculated for iPads and other similar connected devices.
- Truespot colour iteration has been added to the Displays application, automatically adjusting and optimising spot colours to precisely match press output on a soft proof display.
- Spectro tool control panel has been added to the Touch Console application, allowing delta E colour comparison between soft proofs and press/print material using a touch screen.
- Spectro tool improves spot colour measurement and verification by deriving the Lab value directly from the spot colour Lab value.
- Support added for the X-Rite eXact spectrophotometer. Usable by the Densitometer and Spectro applications, connecting via USB or Bluetooth (Mac and Windows only).
- Client interface and icons have been improved and optimised for use with high DPI environments.
- The Workbench application user interface for the Pagesetup Pool, Bookfilter, RIP, Press, and Camera datatype items has been updated to a tabbed panel style, in line with previous datatype changes. All options remain available, organised into relevant areas within each database item. Some functions are now presented differently for clarity.
- Client interface windows and modules are now saved as a proportion of screen size and will maintain relative size and position when opened on another display, regardless of resolution.
- Calcheck Chart and Calcheck now replace the delta C standard with delta Ch, facilitating compliance with ISO 12647-7:2016 and other current colour standards.
- Calcheck patches can now have delta H and delta Ch tolerances set to '0', in which case the tolerance is not taken into account for the patch.
- Calcheck Report layout has been improved to include a merged delta H and delta Ch column when both tolerances are enabled. Unused tolerance standards are hidden from the report.
- Include Job Colours has been added as an option to Jobticket > Colour Management > Verify, automatically appending any job spot colours to the Calcheck being printed (and measured) with a job. Spots are measured against delta E only. When active, Include Job Colours is noted in the Info panel of the Submit window.
- Improved onscreen colour management for RGB spot colour previews.
- RGB spot colours can now be added to N-colour Special Colour Sets.
- Edit Jobticket has been added to all contextual (right-click) menus in the Client interface that include the Edit Pagesetup option.
- The Job ID number is now included in Calcheck labels and reports.
- Server “About” window has a clearer, tabbed layout and includes a new Connected Clients list showing details of all networked Clients currently connected to the Server.
- A Copies Printed column has been added to the QueueManager and Job Info, displaying the total number of times the job has been output.
- The Server and Client now both have support for TCP/IP v6.
- RIPMonitor job submission to the Server has been significantly sped up when submitting large number of jobs at once.
- RIP Polling now polls multiple RIPs in parallel, speeding up polling times.
- Displays application now has the capability to maintain Calcheck status and history for both Default Press 1 and Default Press 2.
- Auto publication names now begin with the job name for easier reference in the QueueManager.
- M3 illuminant condition has been added to the spectrophotometer configuration dialog window when the option is available to the instrument.

The Veripress 7.1 software installer, can be downloaded from []

Printer screening and HTM drivers can be downloaded using the Install Additional Software option in the Verpress Server > Help menu.
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