Veripress 7.1.01 Released

Veripress 7.1.01 Released
May 01, 2018 01:52AM
As part of Serendipity Software's ongoing effort to update and improve our software, we are pleased to announce the release of Veripress version 7.1.01.

Version 7.1.01 is available as a stand alone installer or as a patch release for existing 7.1 users.

The version 7.1.01 release includes all version 7.1 patch updates along with further enhancements and bug fixes:


- A Mouse Position Hint option has been added to SoftProof Settings. When active, the cursor x/y position is displayed beside the cursor.
- Jobticket Centring has been improved.
- Default Client units for new installations are now automatically configured based on operating system region settings.
- Software Updater interface now uses the current Client language settings.
- Improved Server Log refresh times.
- Bookfilters are now listed in under the Licensed Drivers in the Server About window.
- Added support for the Barbieri Spectro LFP qb spectrophotometer.
- Added support for the Barbieri SpectroPad spectrophotometer.


- Fixed a conditional memory leak in the SoftProof application.
- SoftProof Crop tool has now been disabled for Publications and Books.
- Fixed a Client crash that occurred when deimposing a Proof View imposed Book spread in the SoftProof application.
- Displays application Calibration panel sliders, button and spinboxes were not updating correctly when switching between monitor settings.
- Replace Colour Set process colour replacement swatches were not updating correctly in the RGB colour space. RGB8 values swatches were incorrectly converted to RGB16 values.

The Veripress 7.1.01 software installer, can be downloaded from []
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