Veripress 7.1.02 Released

Veripress 7.1.02 Released
January 18, 2019 09:54PM
As part of Serendipity Software's ongoing effort to update and improve our software, we are pleased to announce the release of the Veripress version 7.1.02.

Version 7.1.02 is available as a stand alone installer or as a patch release for existing 7.1.01 users.

The version 7.1.02 release includes all version 7.1.01 patch updates along with further enhancements and bug fixes:


- Default Press option added to Jobticket when using the SoftProof application. Available with the Soft Proofing Add-on Package. Any jobs using this option will open in SoftProof using the assigned Press, overriding the SoftProof default press setting if a new option in SoftProof Settings, View Options - Honour Embedded Press - is enabled.
- Support added for EIZO monitors CG279X, CG2730, CG2420, CG319X, CS2730, CS2420 when using the hardware calibration option in the Displays application.
- macOS Serendipity Client now has its configured default ICC profiles restored when moved to another folder location.
- Agfa Arkitex Publication Builder PMD Bookfilter driver now recognises planning files with an xml file extension.
- PublicationName field in Arkitex Publication Builder planning files is now included as part of the Book name.
- EIZO SDK updated to version 3.26.0
- Retain Pure Black option in Jobticket is now applied when enabled to RGB printer output.
- Include Edition_Group and Part_Product in publication name configuration options have been added to the EAE Soft Proof Interface Press Agent driver.
- SoftProof Status bar can now be hidden when the Calcheck Managed option is disabled for the monitor in Client Preferences.
- Proof Lock option has been added to Serendipity Client Preferences > Colour Tab. When enabled, this function prevents acces to soft proof previews for Calcheck Managed displays: if the display has not been calibrated; the display has not been Calcheck verified; the display has failed a Calcheck; or where the Calcheck has expired. An on-screen message prompts the user to take appropriate corrective action.
- Press Agent toggle function has been added to the Touch Console and the SoftProof Publication widget, allowing press operators to temporarily stop SoftProof responding to Press Agent publication and page load events.
- Job Genie now includes a Plate Version option allowing updated individual job plate versions to be recognised by the RIP and re-submitted with existing plates as a new page version.
- Supercell is now enabled by default when switching Media Output Screening from FM to Halftone (AM) screening.
- Client GUI updated to Qt version 5.9.7


- The software could no longer detect a Sentinel dongle after Windows 10 feature update 1803 was installed.
- The Displays application would hang during launch on Windows when the Client was connected to an X-Rite eXact.
- Under certain conditions, a network disconnection would cause the Server to determine the dongle was being used by another product on the network, then shut down.
- ICC profile description and copyright was not displayed for some ICC v4.2 profiles.
- Lab spot colours were not being extracted for certain PDF file types.
- Sections and pages were not being correctly extracted from certain Arkitex Publication Builder PMD files.
- The Signature button in Touch Console and checkbox in the SoftProof Publication tool now show the correct toggle status for imposed/de-imposed soft proofs.
- Security Key, Copyright and Dongle related messages displayed in the Server log have been corrected and updated.
- Press Agent Book Order preferences are now saved correctly on Client shutdown.
- Server error messages on macOS would not be able to locate sserror_information.svg under certain conditions.
- Servers running with a demo dongle would no longer accept connections once the demo dongle expiry warning was shown.
- Linux zeroconf service would crash in the case of a name collision.
- Fixed an issue where spot channels were missing from soft proof previews when using a multi-colour Press ICC profile and RGB spot merging.
- Fixed an issue where multi-colour soft proof previews containing spot channels would crash the Client when RGB spot merging was enabled.
- Fixed an issue in SoftProof where the Show Back Page function was rendering incorrectly when using Merge Spot Colours in RGB mode.

The Veripress 7.1.02 software installer, can be downloaded from []

Printer screening and HTM drivers can be downloaded using the Install Additional Software option in the Veripress Server > Help menu.
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