Product Features

Printer Control & Management

Blackmagic has many features to help obtain and maintain consistent colour for your output, and use the least amount of ink to produce the colours you want. Serendipity optimises your printer to achieve maximum gamut and get maximum savings.


Paper Profiles

Paper Profiles

Blackmagic uses Paper Profiling to individually characterise print media for optimum colour output.

Dot sizes (density patches) can be selectively turned on or off, a density chart can be printed to measure patch density with a spectrophotometer.

N-colour paper profiles can be configured for printers loaded with non-standard replacement ink sets.
Ink Limits

Ink Limits & Separation Control

Ink Limits allow you to set the ink mix of the channels applied in the paper profile. An Ink Limit chart is printed and measured to determine the best percentage of ink used to cover an area.

Adjusting the levels for each channel allows for the optimum ink density to be reached, without wasting ink or compromising colour output.

Separation control is a graphical display describing the interaction of light and standard inks. It shows the proportion of each ink used at ink coverage levels, ink start points, and crossover. Inks can be increased or decreased, or controlled automatically.


The Lineariser application creates a linearisation curve for a printer in order to keep the device in a known state.

If the printer output varies due to ink batches or head wear, a quick re-linearisation process is all that's required to bring the printer back to the initial linear state.

Linearisation history is available to monitor your printer's performance.
Monitor Printer Status

Monitor Printer Status & Media Use

Keep an eye on printer vitals using the QueueStatus module.

View current printer status, ink levels, warnings and error messages for the connected, compatible printer. Simply enable the option in the Output settings.

Media usage can be tracked with the MediaStatus module - a window displaying the current calibration status of a Media, and a progress bar showing the amount of media (substrate) used.