Product Features

SoftProof Application

The SoftProof application is used to proof a job on the screen. Previews of imaged or rendered jobs can be opened to check for any errors, bleed issues or general checking before sending off to press. When using a calibrated monitor and configured press settings, proofs can be viewed onscreen with precise colour accuracy.

Here are some of the ways SoftProof can help you check your jobs for print readiness.


Virtual Loupe

Virtual Loupe

The virtual loupe is one of the most popular features of SoftProof.

Zoom in to view minute details of a job to check for bleed or image artifacts.

The loupe can be resized and positioned anywhere on the screen for viewing. The mouse pointer can be used as the reference point, while keeping the loupe in a single spot.
Channel Viewing

Channel Viewing

View individual channels with the Channels widget.

Check or uncheck the channels to display them onscreen.
Real-Time Zooming

Real-time Zooming

Multi-resolution previews allow for real-time zooming to check details without using the loupe.

Click the above image to view a real-time example of zooming in and out on a job.
Press Configurations

Press Configurations

See at a glance how a job will print using an archival matte stock, or a glossy photo paper with a simple mouse click.

Select a CMYK Press or RGB camera configuration to apply when viewing jobs in SoftProof, simulating different print substrates on screen.

Create and store multiple press configurations for use at any time.