Product Features

Studio Application

The Studio application makes manual nesting and batch layouts easy and quick. Once your files are submitted as Assets, simply drag and drop them into place. Studio can auto-arrange any layout to minimise media waste, prepare images for canvas wrapping, or set up tiling for printing large images, like billboards.

The Serendipity Youtube channel has videos to show how to use the various functions in Studio.


Studio Interface

Studio Interface

Studio is made up of four (4) sections - The Asset panel, the Media panel, the Templates panel and the Layout area.

Assets (jobs) are displayed as thumbnails, filenames, or a combination of both. Media dimensions including page width and height, or roll length can be entered to define the printable area.

Templates can be created and stored for future use. The Layout area is where the jobs are placed, positioned and resized.
Studio Editing Functions

Editing Functions

Various editing functions are available in Studio - cropping, rotation, orientation, grouping and alignment. A toolbar is displayed with buttons to quickly enable the selected function.

Vertical or horizontal lines can be created, along with colour boxes or crosshairs.

Images can be auto-arranged with or without rotation to best fit the available space. Frame spacing can be turned on to allocate gaps between jobs. Cropmarks can be enabled to aid in cutting.
Studio Step and Repeat

Step and Repeat

Step and Repeat allows you to create a set of user-defined frames for job placement, or copy dimensions of existing frames to repeat them across and/or down the layout area.

Repeat the same image, or a combination of images to completely fill the available media for printing.

Step and Repeat can also be used to create an empty template.
Studio Canvas Wraps

Canvas Wraps

Canvas Wrap mode allows for the asset to be transformed into a canvas print, ready for professional mounting.

Choose from Gallery, Mirror, or Colour wrap styles. Customise everything from frame size, frame thickness, back wrap size and back wrap printing to get your canvas just right.

Cropmarks are enabled by default to aid canvas cutting.
Studio Tiling Function


The tiling function is available for printing large jobs like billboards, or jobs larger than the available print media.

Media width and height are entered, along with the total area to be tiled.

Tiles are automatically generated, with a visual display showing any overlap size and cropmarks placed to aid in alignment after printing.
Studio Templates


Templates for specific layouts can be created and stored for repeat use.

Simply create a blank frame design with the step and repeat function, or use an existing layout to save an empty template.

Once stored, the template can be loaded at any time for use by double-clicking the name in the template library. When loaded, drag and drop any assets into the frames and submit to print.