Precision Soft Proofing

Veripress is a complete on-press soft proofing system for bitmap and postscript CTP RIPs.

Veripress works alongside your press using your platesetter RIP files to produce verified, colour-matched proofs on-screen, at the touch of a button.

Fast. Cost-efficient. Made for high-volume press and publishing environments. Veripress brings proofs to the press as soon as plates arrive.

Colour Management

  • Veripress features an ICC v4.2 compliant colour management system with true 16-bit processing for enhanced colour depth and finer colour control.
  • Proof files containing halftone, stochastic, hybrid, or any other screening type.
  • Real Dot Technology displays your soft proofs with exactly the same dot structure as source platesetter RIP files.
  • Create or import unlimited Lab, CMYK, or multi-colour spot colour libraries.
  • Advanced RGB and CMYK colour merging and spot colour paint modes precisely simulate your press process and spot inks.

Press RIP & Console Integration

  • Veripress interprets the native file format, directory structure, assembly and imposition data of your platesetter RIPs.
  • Virtual Press allows you to manage, assign and change job plates.
  • Configure automated RIP polling and customise your proofing workflow.
  • Bookfilter uses your press planning files to automatically assemble publication pages on screen in the correct sequence, broadsheet pairing, and press orientation.
  • Press console integration allows operators to load publication pages for soft proofing directly from the press console.

Press Simulation

  • Veripress uses Press Configurations to precisely simulate the properties of the press and substrate on screen.
  • Define your press operating gamut with CMYK or multicolour match ICC profiles.
  • Press ink and platesetter dotgain compensation normalises plate files for proofing.
  • Reproduce substrate white point, show-through and stretch. Set maximum ink weights.
  • A replacement ink feature handles non-standard press ink setups.
  • Switch press configurations instantly to view jobs as printed by another press.

Touch Control

  • Veripress has integrated touch screen support. A Touch Console interface allows one-touch access to soft proof viewing, tool and navigation.
  • Assemble publications from single pages, press plans, or by de-imposing them on-the-fly from press sheets.
  • A Page Navigator shows available, missing and duplicate pages.
  • Multi-resolution previews allow real-time zooming of large print areas.
  • Virtual Loupe magnifies areas for quality checks and shows accurate ink coverages.
  • View spreads, signatures, back-page show-through, and individual ink channels.
  • Ink Key Viewer helps the press operator setup press ink ducts and calculate ink use.

Monitor Calibration & Verification

  • Integrated monitor calibration and verification tools ensure accurate colour reproduction of your entire press gamut on screen.
  • Veripress automatically adjusts screen gamma, white point and brightness.
  • Calibrate soft proofing displays, light booths and the measure ambient lighting of your press room.
  • Generate colour verification charts from imported CGATS data or directly from press ICC profiles. Measure and verify your colour against Δe, ΔH and ΔC tolerances.
  • Verify job specific spot colours while soft proofing.

Proofing Power

  • Veripress is a Server/Client based system supporting an unlimited number of local or networked soft proofing clients at no additional cost.
  • Multi-threading and multi-core CPU support provide unparalleled speed and simultaneous job processing.
  • A single Veripress server can supply proofs for all your presses.

Contact a Dealer today to organise an on-site demonstration - There's a Veripress solution to meet your needs.

Veripress Pro

Soft proofing for 1-bit, CTP RIP, PDF and postscript files.

Unlimited on-screen proofing options. Veripress Pro is the complete colour management and soft proofing solution for any press, publishing, design, and commercial print environment.


1 RIP of your choice* plus default input filters.

Default output drivers.

Unlimited output size.

Veripress Lite

Soft proofing for 1-bit and CTP RIP files.

Precise, colour-matched soft proofs for platesetter RIPs at the press desk. Veripress Lite is designed for non-postscript workflows.


1 RIP of your choice* plus Lite default input filters.

Default output drivers.

Unlimited output size.

Veripress Bureau

Soft proofing for PDF and postscript files.

Enables pre-press design and advertising studios to proof work for publication in-house and on screen. Veripress Bureau is made for PDF and postscript environments.


Default input filters.

Default output drivers.

Unlimited output size.

Veripress Remote

Remote soft proofing.

Soft proof jobs sent from a Veripress Server anywhere in the world. Veripress Remote allows off-site users or customers to see certified proofs, identical to those at the press.


Remote default input filters.

Default output drivers.

Unlimited output size.

Veripress Pro and Bureau default input filters include: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, Scitex CT, Adobe Photoshop PSD, Serendipity Blackmagic Image, Postscript Level 3 RIP - PS, EPS, PDF.

Veripress Lite and Remote default input filters include: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, Scitex CT, Adobe Photoshop PSD, Serendipity Blackmagic Image.

Default output drivers for all products include: Serendipity Blackmagic Image, Serendipity Remote Proof.

* Your choice includes one (1) selection of RIP input filter from the list of supported RIPs.

All new product purchases include one year of free minor release updates. View our warranty policy.



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