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Commercial printing can be complex, with multiple presses made for different types of work; multiple printers for producing proofs or for print-on-demand work; not to mention printing to a vast array of media types. Staying competitive in this industry means being fast and flexible.

Our colour management system is honed by decades of print industry experience. We know you want fast, efficient and above all, accurate proofs. Proofs that don't interrupt your workflow, and that precisely reproduce any press process.

You won't find a more powerful, adaptable and reliable proofing system.

Let us prove it to you.

 With exceptional support, knowledge and expertise, the team at Serendipity are simply the best when it comes to all things colour.
We have experienced seamless integration using Blackmagic. The product has allowed us to customise our CMS to help satisfy the ever-increasing demands of our staff and clients. With colour precision, high-speed processing, flexibility and continual updates, the software is truly in a class of its own."

— Daniel Haskew - Technical Manager, Look Print

We recommend Blackmagic for your commercial printing workflow.

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Proofing Direct from your Press RIP

Print or display proofs made directly from the source press RIP platesetter files. This is proofing in its truest form; no data is lost in translation to intermediary file formats.

Tailor Your Workflow With Jobtickets

Jobtickets give you total control of colour, size, fit and other print options. Tickets can be generated on the fly, saved for later use, and stored within jobs for exact-match reprints.

Load Balancing

Keep all your printers busy all the time. Load balancing delivers prints on time and stress free in high-volume environments.

Trust Your Display

Calibrate and verify your display colour gamut ensuring previews you see on screen precisely match your print output.

Spot-On Spot Colours

Lab (Multi) special colour support allows spot inks to be specifically characterised, defining the Lab values of a colour at different tint levels.

Colour Without Limits

Access to unlimited special colour libraries, paint and transparency modes, Truespot colour iteration and advanced merging technology provide precise proofing for any press spot colour or varnish.

Maximise Your Printer Gamut

You invest in printers, media and ink - we'll return that investment by managing all three to give you optimal colour performance.

Colour Verification

Certify the colour accuracy of your proofs against any press standard with an integrated colour verification system.