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Efficient Proofing For Demanding Press Rooms

When printing high volume with tight deadlines, you need a reliable proofing system. That's where we come in.

Our software automatically assembles your press plate files for proofing straight off your platesetter RIP. Approve pages at the press desk - on screen, in sequence, broadsheet imposed, by region or edition, and colour-accurate.

Send your publications to press in minimal time. We get your proofs out fast, and often.

 We output to multiple digital and conventional devices using our Blackmagic cluster as a ripping hub. With a prepress department of 30+ users, the Serendipity Client/Server architecture allows us to centralise our processes using a common rip for consistent output, regardless of whether it's very large format digital production, proofing, or conventional print."

— Nick Stevens - Technical Director, SP Group

We recommend Blackmagic or Veripress for your publishing workflow.
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Proofing Direct from your Press RIP

Print or display proofs made directly from the source press RIP platesetter files. This is proofing in its truest form, no data is lost in translation to intermediary file formats.

Press Room Touch Control

A press room is no place for a keyboard. An integrated Touch Console interface allows one-touch access to page and publication soft proof viewing, tools and navigation.

Impositions Deconstructed

Soft proof your press sheets as single pages, 2UPs, or duplexed pages in a single click. All major signature types are supported.

Multitask Processing

Simultaneous job processing with multi-core CPU support makes short work of proofing large print runs. If you need more power, add other computers to your work force.

Proof Your Press On Screen

Soft proofing precisely emulates your press gamut and substrate properties on screen. Preview spreads, signatures, show-through. Use real-time zooming to check fine details.

Press Planning File Support

Automatically assemble and proof complete publications by edition, including sections, broadsheet pairing and press orientation.

Trust Your Display

Calibrate and verify your display colour gamut ensuring previews you see on screen precisely match your print output.

World Class Support

Our support team will get your work flowing and your colour back on track as quickly as possible. We're with you after sale and beyond.