Sign & Display

Look For The Signs

Signs, advertisements, display and point of sale solutions come in all sizes, from counter-top to multi-storey billboards, and are printed on a myriad of materials.

When you're printing to fleet of large, very large or grand format printers, you need a RIP that will keep them all running efficiently.

You need a smart, flexible way to submit, manage and layout your jobs for print to any media, at any size. You need software that expands to give you processing power to handle big jobs and meet deadlines. Above all, you need a colour management system that will assure your clients' their branding is in safe hands.

You get the work, we'll get it done.

 With a prepress department of 30+ users, the Serendipity Client/Server architecture allows us to centralise our processes using a common rip for consistent output, regardless of whether it's very large format digital production, proofing, or conventional print."

— Nick Stevens - Technical Director, SP Group

We recommend Blackmagic or Megarip for your sign & display workflow.
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If you're not satisfied with the improvement to your colour proofing workflow, just cancel any time during the trial period.

No Job Too Big

Brilliant banners and striking billboards are ready to print in seconds. Drop in your image, dial in and preview your tiling options, then start printing jobs at any size.

Load Balancing

Keep all your printers busy all the time. Load balancing delivers prints on time and stress free in high-volume environments.

Maximise Your Printer Gamut

You invest in printers, media and ink - we'll return that investment by managing all three to give you optimal colour performance.

Unlimited Printers

Your software package will drive as many printers, of your selected brand, as you require. Plain and simple, no surprises.

Tailor Your Workflow With Jobtickets

Jobtickets give you total control of colour, size, fit and other print options. Tickets can be generated on the fly, saved for later use, and stored within jobs for exact-match reprints.

More Colour for Less Ink

Use the least amount of ink to produce the colours you want. Serendipity optimises your printer to achieve maximum gamut and get maximum savings.

Materials Beyond Paper

Expand your media options with vinyl, film, cardboard, fabric. Our colour engine doesn't discriminate.

World Class Support

Our support team will get your work flowing and your colour back on track as quickly as possible. We're with you after sale and beyond.