& Apparel

Freedom to Design

The perfect RIP solution for producing eye-catching fabric and textiles, or t-shirts on demand.

Our software offers easy job management, layout tools to place your designs, and tiling with a step-and-repeat feature to help you create subtle or striking patterns.

Integrated custom ink handling means we understand that as a textile designer, you may need to use special inks to take your colours places regular inks can't.

Whether you print using dye-sublimation or direct to fabric, we'll bring you all the vibrant colour your inkjet and material have to offer, and save on cost by using the least amount of ink to get there.

 Megarip gives us all the control that we need, while still providing a simple interface that our staff can understand.

The post sales support is fantastic."

— Liam Tovey - Owner, Brilliant Prints

We recommend Blackmagic for your textile & apparel workflow.
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Customise Your Inks

Handling for non-standard inks means you can colour manage and print using custom ink sets. We'll work in an Ncolour space, so you can work in any colour.

More Colour for Less Ink

Use the least amount of ink to produce the colours you want. Serendipity optimises your printer to achieve maximum gamut and get maximum savings.

Tailor Your Workflow With Jobtickets

Jobtickets give you total control of colour, size, fit and other print options. Tickets can be generated on the fly, saved for later use, and stored within jobs for exact-match reprints.

Unlimited Printers

Your software package will drive as many printers, of your selected brand, as you require. Plain and simple, no surprises.

Spot-On Spot Colours

Lab (Multi) special colour support allows spot inks to be specifically characterised, defining the Lab values of a colour at different tint levels.

Printing Made Easy

Print jobs directly from your desktop or design application. With operating system integration, it's never been easier to submit your prints.

Maximise Your Printer Gamut

You invest in printers, media and ink - we'll return that investment by managing all three to give you optimal colour performance.

Add White Or Fade To Black

Enhance designs on dark fabric with white ink handling for direct to garment printers. "ThruBlack" configurable black removal blends images into dark textiles.