Press Release

Serendipity Veripress 7.1 announced

SYDNEY, Australia – September 22, 2017 - Serendipity Software today announced version 7.1 of Veripress, a major update to the software that includes many new features and enhancements that will benefit new and existing customers alike.

“Veripress version 7.1 adds support for high DPI displays” said Peter Skarpetis, Serendipity Software's Chief Executive Officer. All the icons and applications have been redesigned to take advantage of the extra pixels. The SoftProof application has been rewritten to use all available pixels and as a result onscreen proofs look crisp and detailed while retaining their accurate colour reproduction.

Veripress version 7.1 adds Truespot to the Displays application which allows users to iterate and optimise spot colours for peak accuracy and to precisely match press output on a soft proof display.

Veripress version 7.1 networking has been rewritten from the ground up and now includes support for the TCP/IP v6 standard.

Veripress version 7.1 includes native installer packages for Centos, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu Linux, simplifying installation. Desktop integration has also been improved making it easier for the application to interact with Gnome and KDE desktop environments.

Veripress version 7.1 includes digitally signed installer packages for Windows which makes deployment of the application much more secure on Windows 8.1 or later.

Veripress version 7.1 adds Touch Console control of the SoftProof spectro tool, allowing Δe colour comparison between soft proofs and press/print material using a touch screen.

Veripress version 7.1 includes an updated Workbench user interface for the Pagesetup Pool, Bookfilter, RIP, Press, and Camera datatypes further simplifying the user interface.

Veripress version 7.1 includes optimisations which speed up job processing, client -server communications, RIP polling and job submission.



For more information on the new features and enhancements in Serendipity Veripress 7.1 see the release notes.


Download Veripress Version 7.1 Press Release PDF