Press Release

Serendipity Veripress 8.1 announced

SYDNEY, Australia – July 20, 2020 – Serendipity Software today announced version 8.1 of Veripress, a major update to the software that includes many new features and enhancements of benefit to new and existing customers alike.

“Veripress version 8.1 includes a new PDF engine licensed from Artifex Software” said Peter Skarpetis, Serendipity Software's Chief Executive Officer. This ensures compatibility with current and future PDF specifications.

Veripress version 8.1 adds support for spot colours defined using multiple values measured at different tint levels. This produces more accurate spot colour simulations, especially at low tint values. Spots can be defined by the user in the Special Colour Set editor, or automatically extracted from PDF 2.0 files. ISO 17972-4 defines a subset of CxF (CxF/X-4) used to characterise spot colours and embed them in PDF 2.0 files.

Veripress version 8.1 implements rolling backups for the QueueManager, ensuring job queue consistency after a system crash, even under heavy load.

Veripress version 8.1 Server and Client backups are integrated with the operating system and can be restored by simply double-clicking on the backup file.

Veripress version 8.1 enhances the Serendipity Blackmagic Image format by improving the compression algorithm used, resulting in faster processing times and smaller files.


For more information on the new features and enhancements in Serendipity Veripress 8.1 see the release notes.


Download Veripress Version 8.1 Press Release PDF