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Serendipity Software and Artifex Software donate USD$120,000 for Australian Fire Relief Efforts


SYDNEY, Australia & Novato, CA, February 3, 2020 – In a joint statement released today, Serendipity Software (Australia) and Artifex Software, Inc. (US), have announced their mutual support for the recovery efforts caused by the devastating wildfires in Australia. We have extended our long business relationship to include a USD$120,000 donation to the Australian Red Cross in support of their disaster relief and recovery efforts for those affected by the fires.

Donations to the Australian Red Cross help fund emergency grants to people who have lost their homes or whose homes are uninhabitable, support for people at evacuation centers, recovery programs and emergency assistance in communities affected by the wildfires.

Since October, more than 18 million acres have burned across Australia. New South Wales being hit the hardest. It is our hope that our donations will help support those impacted by the massive fires.

“Being based in Sydney, the pall of smoke that often covers our beautiful city is a sobering reminder of the bushfire catastrophe still unfolding across our country. The fires have been devastating for the environment, wildlife and communities on an unprecedented scale. We are extremely grateful to all emergency personnel and volunteers, who support and protect our affected communities, and hope our donation can continue to assist those in need.” Said Peter Skarpetis, CEO of Serendipity Software.

“Our hearts go out to the thousands of affected families and emergency personnel fighting the fires and risking their lives each day. It is difficult to see the extent of the destruction and loss of life caused by these fires. We feel every dollar counts and are proud to partner with Serendipity to do our part.” Said Miles Jones, President of Artifex Software.

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Serendipity Software Pty Ltd was founded in 1994 at the dawn of digital print and proofing technologies. For over 20 years, Serendipity has been a global provider of colour management, proofing, and print solutions. In over 35 countries, our software is supporting industries spanning the whole gamut of printing, from newspaper and packaging, through to freelance photographers.

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For over 25 years Artifex Software has provided premier document management solutions to top-level global customers including HP, Adobe, Oracle, IBM, Google, Dropbox, LG Electronics, Garmin, Intuit, and BlackBerry. Artifex has teams of engineers and leadership talent in North America, Europe, and Asia.