Colour Management Tools

Blackmagic, Megarip and Veripress solutions come with built-in Applications and Modules to help you with your workflow needs.

From manual nesting and job monitoring, to database recovery options and onscreen proofing; take a look some of the popular tools in our colour management solutions.

Monitor Workflows

Monitoring Your Workflow

The Jobs application provides a centralised, easy way to manage your workflow.

  • Displays and manages jobs before, during, and after processing across multiple print/output queues.
  • Choose one or more pre-set tabs, then tailor them to show the information you need, the way you want to see it.
  • Extensive toolbar and menu options to control every facet of your job processing.
  • Available with Blackmagic, Megarip, and Veripress products.

Watch our Youtube video overview of the Jobs application.

Set For Proofing

SoftProof is our on-screen proofing application. Combined with Displays, our monitor calibration and verification application, SoftProof can supplement your print proofing - or replace it entirely.

Configure Press simulation settings to view proofs on screen with precise colour accuracy. Check jobs for bleed or errors before sending them to press.

See at a glance how a job will print using a newspaper stock, or a glossy magazine media with a simple mouse click.

Available with Blackmagic, Megarip, and Veripress products.

Take a look at our SoftProof Youtube playlist to see how easy it is to use.

SoftProof Application

Job Previews

  • Multi-resolution previews allow for real-time zooming, from an entire job down to a single pixel.
  • View a single page, page spread, or load an entire publication, with an option for back page show-through.
  • Signature overlay can be enabled for imposed press sheets to confirm correct page orientation and placement before printing.
  • Swap press configurations when viewing jobs to simulate different substrates on screen.

Built-in Widgets

  • An ink weight calculator can show the amount of ink required for a particular print run.
  • View individual channels with the Channels widget.
  • Zoom in with the Virtual Loupe to view minute details of a job to check for bleed or image artifacts.
  • Use the built-in Spectro application to compare and verify that colours on-screen match printed proofs or press material.

Plate Management

The VirtualPress module gives users the ability to manage the plates of a job for proofing.

You can change plate colours or order, assign a colour to an un-allocated job plate, remove plates, or merge plates from other jobs.

Available with Blackmagic and Veripress products.

Archives Backup Serendipity

Always Have a Backup Plan

The Archives application allows you to make backups or archives of your Workbench configurations and calibrated colour workflows. Individual items or complete systems can be archived for safekeeping.

Available with Blackmagic, Megarip, and Veripress products.

  • Set automatic backup times to always have a current database on hand.
  • Backup Server and Client preferences for sharing or installing on new machines.
  • Import and export database archives with ease.

Legendary Layouts

The Studio application makes manual nesting and batch layouts quick and easy. Submit your files as Assets (previews), then simply drag and drop them into place. Studio can auto-arrange any layout to minimise media waste, prepare images for canvas wrapping, or set up tiling for printing large images, like billboards.

Various editing functions are available in Studio - cropping, rotation, orientation, grouping and alignment. A toolbar is displayed with buttons to quickly enable the selected function. Frame spacing can be turned on to allocate gaps between jobs. Cropmarks can be enabled to aid in cutting.

Available with Blackmagic and Megarip products.

Check out our Youtube Studio playlist to see the application in use.

Studio Application

Step & Repeat, Canvas Wraps

  • Create a set of user-defined frames with Step and Repeat for job placement, then repeat them across and/or down the layout area. Repeat the same image, or a combination of images to completely fill the available media for printing.
  • Transform a file into a canvas print, ready for mounting with Canvas Wrap mode. Customise everything from frame size, frame thickness, back wrap size and back wrap printing to get your canvas just right.

Tiling & Templates

  • The tiling function is available for printing large jobs like billboards, or jobs larger than the available print media. Tiles are automatically generated, with a visual display showing any overlap size and cropmarks placed to aid in alignment after printing.
  • Templates for specific layouts can be created and stored for repeat use. Simply create a blank frame design with the step and repeat function, or use an existing layout to save an empty template.

Drag & Drop Job Submission

The DropZone module makes it easy for anyone to drop a job for processing on to a designated output configuration.

Submit jobs directly from third party applications like Photoshop, or straight from your desktop/file manager with a few clicks.

Publish Pagesetups so anyone can submit to a designated output across your network.

Available with Blackmagic, Megarip, and Veripress products.

Colour Verification

Calibrate your colour and verify your output with the Calcheck application.

Calcheck lets you create colour control charts from press ICC profiles or custom data. Print standalone charts or attach them to jobs to ensure your colour is contract standard.

Measure charts using a wide range of spectrophotometers, against Δe (CIE76, CIE94, CIE2000), ΔH and ΔCh tolerances, using M0, M1, M2, or M3 illuminant conditions.

Available with Blackmagic, Megarip, and Veripress (Calcheck Charts only) products.

Calcheck Application

Contract Colours

  • Assign Calcheck Charts to a Jobticket to print with each proofing job.
  • Easy to view results with a breakdown of all colours, their results and pass or fail status.

Colour Performance

  • Access the Calcheck History to view details for previous submissions.
  • Print a label for a job, or a complete report can be exported.
Clustering for Processing Power

Maximum Processing

Share the workload of processing jobs across multiple devices with Clustering & ClusterStatus.

  • Increase your processing power by adding extra cluster nodes to your network. They can be enabled for use in imaging, rendering or both.
  • Monitor and manage any connected cluster nodes with the Clustering application.
  • View the current imaging and rendering status of jobs on any Master Servers or cluster nodes.
  • Available with Blackmagic, Megarip, and Veripress products.