What is C5?

C5 is a streamlined, user-friendly raster image processor designed for the digital photographic, exhibition, short-run poster, and billboard industries.

Built around the same colour management system as Blackmagic and Megarip, C5 includes features and applications created for photographers, design professionals and users of large and grand format inkjet printers.

The C5 Client has its own unique design, with access to Studio, SoftProof functions, job management tools and more.

C5 Client Printer Options

Printer Options

C5 Client Drop Areas

Drop Areas for quick prints

C5 Client Linearisation


C5 Client Import Media Packs

Import Media Packs

C5 Client Studio

Using Studio

C5 Client Job Monitoring

Job monitoring

How do I use C5?

The C5 Client can be accessed via the Serendipity installation directory. C5 can be run with Megarip products as an alternative to using the Serendipity Client, and it is the Client used by the Megarip C5 product.

Once started, a Media Pack needs to be installed before job processing can begin. After configuring your printer (output) settings, you're ready to start sending jobs for printing.

Jobs can be submitted in a variety of ways - using the Studio application; placing files into a designated DropArea printer location; using DropFolders; or via the Jobs panel.

After the job is processed, a preview can be opened with the built-in soft proofing application to ensure there are no changes required before sending to print, helping to save on media waste.

What are Media Packs?

Media Packs are the backbone of C5, containing all software components and printer settings, including calibrated paper profiles, linearisation data and output ICC colour profiles.

Media Packs are tailored for individual printer papers and media and are optimised to take full advantage of C5's colour management system. All are available for download and quick installation via the C5 Client, Media Library panel using the Media Catalogue application.

A Dealer Representative can also install a Media Pack for you if required.

Click here to find out more about the Media Catalogue and view a list of available presets.

Can I get a demonstration before buying?

Absolutely. Contact one of our authorised dealers to organise a demonstration of Megarip. If a dealer is not available in your area, contact us directly and we will find one for you.