Serendipity Updater

What is the Serendipity Updater?

The Serendipity Updater is a simple and convenient way of updating Serendipity software products - Blackmagic, Megarip and Veripress - and the Serendipity Client applications.

The Updater tracks the current software installation status and automatically checks for available software updates, bug fixes, maintenance patches and new drivers. New updates are listed along with release notes, previously installed updates are logged in the Updater and notes can be viewed at any time.

The Serendipity Updater requires access to the internet to function. Updates are not downloaded or installed until initiated by the user.

How do I use it?

The Serendipity Updater is built-in to the software, accessed via the Help menu in the Server or the standalone Client. It can also be run as its own application via the Serendipity product installation directory.

Once the application is opened, a tabbed interface appears with Available Updates, Additional Software and Installed Updates listed.

Serendipity Updater
Serendipity Updater
Serendipity Updater

Simply select the updates to install and the Updater will do the rest. A Server and/or Client shutdown will be required.

I can't connect directly to the internet. How can I install the updates?

If you are setup on an isolated or protected network and cannot access the internet directly to download the latest updates, Serendipity offer the updates in a file format for manual installation.

Accessed via the Serendipity Software Support site, the files can be downloaded via a computer with internet access and then installed on the relevant computer as required.

The files and instructions are available here: Download Manual Updates

Note: Printer drivers (HTM / Printer Screening) are not available for manual installation. These can only be installed using the Serendipity Updater application.