Product Features

Whether you're proofing spot colours with Blackmagic, printing spectacular canvases with Megarip, or soft proofing with Veripress, Serendipity has tools to make the entire process as easy as possible.

The applications and modules included in our products range from display calibration and print verification tools, through to touch screen control and press console integration.



Display Calibration

Display Calibration

Keep your monitors calibrated with the Displays application, ensuring what you see on screen is what you see in print.

Displays automatically adjusts screen gamma, brightness levels and white point to suit your proofing environment. Use a supported spectrophotometer to calibrate displays and light booths, or measure ambient light sources.

Calcheck management maintains your monitor colour at a press proofing standard.
Colour Verification

Press Comparison By The Numbers

The Spectro tool allows press operators to measure colour values of a soft proof and verify them against a printed test sheet.

Using a supported spectrophotometer, measurements can be taken to compare colour values (LAB, Lch, XYZ, Density) of the print to the soft proof.

A precise delta value ensures the colours onscreen match those of the press output.


Preview ICC managed, colour-accurate, pages, spreads, press sheets or publications onscreen.

Full high DPI (4K / UHD) monitor support provides true print quality soft proofing. Multi-resolution previews allow for real-time zooming to check press sheet details.

The Virtual Loupe zooms in on the tiniest areas to check for errors and bleed. Simulate various press substrates onscreen with Press Configurations.

Click here to learn more about the SoftProof application.
Proof Lock

Proof Lock

Quality assurance is vital to colour managed print and press workflows.

The Proof Lock feature ensures your onscreen soft proofs precisely match your print output colour standards at all times.

If a proofing display calibration has expired, or a monitor has failed a colour verification check; Proof Lock will temporarily restrict access to soft proofing, provide the reason, and a course of action to restore soft proofing functionality.
Press Agent

Press Agent

Press console integration with the Press Agent application allows operators to load publication pages for soft proofing directly from the press console.

Supported console standards include ABB Control Console 750/770, EAE Soft Proof, Goss Omicon & omniPage, Honeywell GUS and Prime Softproof.
Press RIP Integration

Press RIP Integration

Veripress proofs directly from your press platesetter RIP files. RIPMonitor polls and interprets the native file format, directory structure, plate assembly and imposition data of all major manufacturer proprietary RIPs. Use it to configure automated proofing workflows.

An integrated Job Genie can be programmed to read your filename format and stitch single plates into full colour jobs and publications.

VirtualPress allows you to manage, assign and change job plates.
Touch Control

Touch Control

Veripress includes support for touch screens. The Touch Console interface features hierarchical, one-touch access to all soft proofing, publication and page viewing tools, and navigation functions.

Load and proof entire publications comprised of single pages, de-imposed on the fly from press sheets, or assembled using press planning files. Quickly locate jobs and publications with a virtual keyboard Search function.
Bookfilter and BookMonitor

Bookfilter & BookMonitor

Bookfilter uses your press planning files to automatically assemble publication pages on screen in the correct sequence, broadsheet pairing, and press orientation.

Use the BookMonitor or the Touch Console to soft proof multi-section or multi-edition publications, with common pages only needing to be ripped once.

Supports IFRA Track, EAE P4, Arkitex Director & Arkitex Publication Builder planning file standards.


Truespot uses an iterative process to measure and verify spot colours, optimising them for viewing on your soft proofing display.

Truespot creates a custom Replace Colour set within the Displays application that is applied to all jobs viewed in SoftProof.

Matching job special colours are replaced with Truespot colours that are a closer ΔE match to the spot colour Lab values.

Special colours improved by Truespot are saved to a Replace Colour set unique to each connected soft proofing monitor. Existing Truespot replace colour sets can be added to at any time by adjusting new Special Colour sets for the display.
Remote Proofing

Remote Proofing

Veripress is able to send proofs via Secure FTP to other Veripress Remote Servers anywhere in the world.

Serendipity Remote Proof files maintain complete data integrity - preserving process and spot colour values and transparency.

Remote users with the same calibrated Press configuration will view a certified, identical proof.

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  • Archives - Create and import backups of Workbench configurations.
  • Clustering - Monitor and manage any connected cluster nodes.
  • Densitometer - Measure and display density readings with a supported spectrophotometer.
  • Displays - Calibrate any connected monitors or light booths, verify onscreen colour and optimise spot colours with Truespot.
  • FlipBook - View a publication as a virtual 2D or 3D book.
  • Jobs - Displays and manages jobs before, during and after processing.
  • Monitor - An alternate user-configurable version of the Jobs application.
  • PressAgent - Connect to a Press console via a network port.
  • SoftProof - Proof jobs on screen.
  • Spectro - Measure colours with a supported spectrophotometer.
  • Touch Console - Enhance the control and usability of the SoftProof application through the use of a touch screen.
  • BookMonitor - Display publications polled from planning files.
  • ClientLog - Display any messages that occur during normal Client operation.
  • ClusterStatus - View the current imaging and rendering status of jobs on any Master Servers or cluster nodes.
  • DropZone - Drag and drop files for processing.
  • MediaStatus - Display the current calibration status of a selected Media and show how much media (paper) has been used.
  • QueueManager - Display information about submitted jobs and their current status.
  • QueueStatus - Display a progress meter showing the current status of active jobs on selected queues.
  • RIPMonitor - Display any rips available for polling as configured in the RIP section of the Workbench.
  • ServerLog - Display any messages that occur during normal Server operation.
  • Status - Display the current disk status (usage) for the Server processing areas.
  • Thumbnail - Display a thumbnail of jobs as they are imaging and rendering.
  • VirtualPress - Manage, reorder or merge the plates of a job.